There are still tickets available for the Sons of Sam Horn party Sunday
night.  Proceeds go to support the site's operation, and overflow
will be donated to the Jimmy Fund.

$100 for general admission gets you the following:

  • Open bar from 7:30-9:30, cash bar after
  • Your picture with the trophy
  • Sox guests confirmed are Sam Horn, Rich Gedman, and Bill Montbouquette
  • Plenty of eats
  • DVD of Game 7 of ALCS to be played in the background on an LCD

You can purchase via Paypal until early Sunday morning, and there will
be tickets at the door.  Party takes place at the Hotel
Commonwealth in Kenmore Square and begins at 7:30.  There is a
chance that Lucchino might be stopping by, and possibly a NESN camera

And if that isn't enough, you'll get to hoist a few with me, and psf.commer Fanatic.

Details here

More reasons to love XM, and other things…

Yesterday, XM Radio rolled out MLB Home Plate,
an all baseball talk radio station.  I've been listening for about
an hour so far this morning to the morning show with Mark Patrick and
Larry Bowa…and while the dominant topic is Canseco, it seems to have
a lot of potential.

And everybody needs to STFU about this whole Trot Nixon
'controversy'.  Why are people so stupid as to be so obviously and
easily led along by articles meant to stir up the hornet's nest? 
Let me explain.

The Trot article is here.  His comments are quite obviously in reference to the following statement by ARod: 

It's a massive, if not masochistic regimen. But Rodriguez is proud of
the fact that while he's out of his house by 7 a.m, "there are 650 or
700 other players who are sleeping, or taking their kids to school. But
there's no way they're going to be running the stairs or doing what I'm

Do we have any idea how the AP writer framed the question?  Does
the AP story touch on any other issue?  This reminds me of the
whole Mienkewitz ball non-story in which Doug made an offhand comment
to Shaughnessey, and it is turned into a story to lead the moronic
mob.  I'm sure there is genuine dislike between many of the Sox
players and ARod due to the fight, and the "Suck my dick" comment he
shouted at the Sox dugout at the close of the 7/1/04 game, and the fact
that he seems to be talking to the press only slightly less than
Schilling…so this story is twisted to add more fuel to the
fire.  But instead of seeing it for what it is, it becomse fodder
on talk radio for the simple minded folk.  Damned silly if you ask

EDIT:  Here is a more complete verson of Trot's remarks:

  “He said he's doing all this while 600 players
are still in their bed,'' Nixon began. “I said, `What's wrong with me
taking my kid to school? I'm not a deadbeat dad, you clown.'

     “I work out for three hours in the
weight room, and I hit for another two or three hours (later in the
day),'' continued Nixon, the father of two infant boys. “What makes
you so much better?''

     The clown reference came up again, when
Nixon talked about reading what Rodriguez was going to do the next time
he hit an infield dribbler intercepted by a Sox pitcher.

     “He said the next time, (instead of
slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo [stats, news]'s hands) he's
going to run him over,'' Nixon said. “It's like, OK. You're a clown.''

So anyway…pitchers and catchers tomorrow.  Woo-hoo!


Well, I sure have been lazy

How about me with a serious lack of updates?

Well, since the Tek signing, there really hasn't been anything
monumental.  Pitchers and catchers soon…so we'll get back into
the swing of things.

I enjoyed the Pats run, as I was a diehard Pats fan before I was a real
Sox nut…even though they have switched places in my heart over the
past 10 years or so.  I mean; they are essentially 1 and 1a, but I
have to give the edge to the Sox since I graduated college.  That
doesn't mean I'll be pulling my name off of the Pats season ticket
waiting list, however.

One thing I'm looking forward to this year is being able to listen to
all the Spring Training games on the radio from work.  Not that
Spring Training games are that exiting, but the fact that I have that
option is nice.  For those of you out of the Sox range, I can't
recommend XM Radio enough.

Another thing I'm REALLY enjoying are the replays of playoff games on
NESN.  Props to the Bruins and the NHL for allowing them to be
able to do that.  I watched most of the 75 series, and a little of
86.  I have been taping the 2004 games, and am REALLY looking
forward to Game 6 of the ALCS tonight as I have never seen the
broadcast (I was there).

In a couple weeks psf.commer Fanatic and myself will be attending the
SoSH party that will feature the Trophy.  I wonder if they will
let me hold it over my head.  I'll be happy just to have a picture
of myself with it.

Anyway, those are my fractured thoughts for this morning…back to the
grindstone, and I promise things will improve once they are actually
playing ball again!