Careful What You Wish For

So since my last update, there has been a FLURRY of free agent action regarding the Sox.  My ongoing thoughts:

  1. PEDRO  I don't blame Pedro for taking the 4th year,
    and I don't blame the Sox for not offering it.  Best of luck to
    you…I'll watch when the Mets are on TV.
  2. RENTERIA  May have been slightly reactionary to
    losing Pedro, but I like this pickup.  A solid defensive
    shortstop, better offensively than Cabrera.  I just hope it
    doesn't put the wheels in motion for the Sox to lose Hanley.
  3. CLEMENT not the jewel of the free agent starters available, but a solid starter.  Could benefit from being around Schilling.
  4. MILLER I LOVE this pickup…low risk, potential high
    reward.  Much like the Mantei deal.  Especially the fact that
    if I'm not mistaken, the Sox control Miller after 2005 as well, even
    though this is only a 1 year deal.

Other stuff to do that would leave me content…trade Millar for just
about anything, and make Minky the everyday first baseman.  Resign
Tek to a reasonable contract (and by that, I mean basically what the
Sox have on the table).


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