In today's Hartford Courant, there is a brief article about the book written by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan documenting the 2004 Sox season.

When the Sox became a hot team in 2003, the two began to e-mail one another, reliving the games and picking them apart. King decided they should keep a weblog of the e-mails. Come spring, O'Nan's agent, who had been hearing from O'Nan ad nauseam about the Sox's endless grab bag of talent, asked him if he wanted to write a book about the team. "Non-fiction is a pain in the ass," O'Nan said. "I'd rather work on a novel." But he said yes, King said yes, and the two began haunting Fenway Park.

They sat there game after game, O'Nan in his lucky Pawtucket Red Sox hat, blue with a red P embroidered in the center, and King with his lucky, mostly unwashed (except for the day his daughter-in-law kidnapped it and threw it in the washing machine for salvation) No. 20 Kevin Youkilis shirt O'Nan had bought him. Everywhere they saw wood, they knocked on it. They brought their families to games, including King's mother-in-law, equipped with two oxygen tanks and a wheelchair.

The book is a series of journal entries and e-mails between the two over the course of the season. "It's a conversation between two supremely interested fans who probably know too much about the team and are probably emotionally too close to the action, all the highs and lows of the season and how we react, utter despair and unwarranted hope," O'Nan says. "It's a fan's book, because there should be a barrier between the players and the fans. I didn't want it to be a journalist's privileged look inside the team; there's plenty of those out there." JANE GORDON

As always, registration is required for the Courant (try bugmenot ). But in this case, it is worth it for the excerpt alone, which can be found here. I found it especially interesting because the excerpt documents Game 3 of the ALDS, which it turns out I was sitting just behind Mr. O'Nan.


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