DVD Review

So I picked this up yesterday at Best Buy (14.99, same as if you order
it on Amazon).  I think they did a pretty good job.  Could
have been more detailed, but I guess that is what the NESN-produced DVD
will be for (Out next week, I believe, entitiled 'Faith
Rewarded'.  Anyway, some highlights:


  • Narrated by Denis Leary, it starts off with your obiligatory
    Curse references, and then goes into a very short recap of the 2003/4
    offseason, spring training, and regular season.
  • ALDS is pretty much glossed over.  Evidently, at the
    premiere this week, when they showed Vlad hitting the grand slam in
    Game 3, Timlin yelled out from the crowd "Sorry about that!"
  • They got pretty in-depth on the ALCS…not as much as most would have liked, but it was a good recap.
  • They spent a LOT of time on the World Series (it is the WS DVD,
    after all).  Some of it dragged a bit, but what are you going to
  • They also spent a LOT of time on the postgame celebration, the fan reactions, and the parade.  This was nice to see.


  • Extended celebrations (no commentary) after ALCS and WS. 
    The ALCS celebration was obviously MUCH more subdued…you got a sense
    that they KNEW they still had a job to do.
  • Final ABs of ALCS and WS
  • A montage of Ortiz' game winners in the playoffs
  • Tito's hiring press conference (I haven't watched this yet)

Anyway, it is well worth the 15-20 bucks to commemorate this historic
season.  Would make a great holiday gift for that special Sox fan
on your list.


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