Trophy Tour and Stove Talk

I found out this morning (11/15) that the WS Trophy, along with Yale
Alums Theo Epstien and Larry Lucchino (no word on players if any), will
be in New Haven on 11/17 around Noon for a rally.  I may or may
not attend…depends if I can get away from work for a little while.

No real updates on free agent news…all the Sox eligible have filed,
and it seems totally up in the air as to what will happen.  Here's
what I think:

  • Pedro: I don't think he'll get a much better offer than
    the one the Sox gave him…someone might drive the price up just a tad,
    but I'm guessing he stays right here.
  • Lowe: Thanks for the playoff heroics…but I still won't mind seeing you in another uniform in 2005.
  • Tek: Tough one.  The one guy everybody would like to
    keep, but early indications are that his agent (uber-scumbag Scott
    Boras) is going to make it impossible.  Any Sox fan with half a
    brain realizes that Tek, while valuable, isn't worth 5/50.  And
    the no-trade demand seems to be a smokescreen, because the Sox sure
    aren't going to give it, and he would become a 10/5 guy after next
    season should he remain on the team anyway.
  • The OC: I think that he will end up with a better deal
    elsewhere…more than the Sox are willing to give, with super-prospect
    Hanley Ramierez on the horizon.

Regarding non-Sox FAs that could end up here…today's Hartford Courant
seems to indicate that Pavano has pretty much narrowed it down to
Sox/Yanks.  Could be interesting…if Pavano comes back, and Pedro
is retained…the Sox starting pitching makes them the odds-on favorite
to repeat (heh, heh…repeat.  Yeah, that's right.  Say it
again.  REPEAT!  Which means that the Sox are WORLD SERIES
CHAMPIONS.  Still pinching myself a few times a day.)
It also means that the Sox become that much more like the Yanks regarding the stockpiling of free-agent talent.

So what do YOU think will happen?


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