Its that time of year again

The offseason..where PSF gets anxious and starts thinking about possibe site redesigns. However, this time I’d like input from you all.

Some ideas:

  1. I might move to a more message-board based background with a portal front end. The front page layout will be very similar, it just might be easier to organize and maintain with a messageboard backend. See for a general example.
  2. I might try to change chat again. While Flashchat turned out to be an unmitigated offseason disaster, there is a new version out that I may customize and test just to see how it works out. You can see an example here . When you go, don’t think about the formatting, think about the function…does it work for you?
  3. Any ideas and/or help with spiffing things up..content and/or design wise, drop me a line.

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