Well, the parade was not the nightmare I imagined it might be. We got on a train at Riverside around 7 AM, and arrived at Government Center at 8. Fanatic was holding a spot in line at Kinsales, and we were among the first to enter when they opened about 8:05. Nice to have Guinness at 8:10 with eggs, sausage, bacon, and potatoes.

Joesox and tonysox arrived shortly thereafter, and we proceeded to turn them into mini-celebrities by telling everyone about their trip from Italy just for this event, and how they watched the Sox clinch (in my living room; see story in the forum).

We watched the pre-parade stuff on TV at the bar, then watched the beginning of the parade. Then, when the parade was nearing us, we went outside, got within 5 feet of the street barricade, and 2 minutes later, the Sox rolled by. The T stop at Park Place was a nightmare, so the wife and I walked to Arlington, and were on our way back home by 1:15 or so.

Pictures can be found by clicking on the first word in this sentance.

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