Well THAT sure was ugly

Isn’t weather a strange thing? I almost feel like I’ve been an amature meteorologist
for the past week, analyzing what was going to happen to the Sox/Yanks series
this weekend. And so far, the weather has done nothing but cause a rain delay…

Yesterday psf.commer Fanatic and I met up in the morning to head to New Haven
and take the train into New York. Based on what the weather was like before
we boarded our train (9:30), we figured we’d be hanging out in the city for
a while, and there would probably be a lengthy delay. We arrived at Grand Central
and scurried over to the subway to head uptown and meet some others (PK, MBF,
and another) before heading over to Yankee Stadium. In what should have been
an ominous indicator of things to come, there was no uptown service on the subway,
so we had to take a cab. We arrive at the bar we were meeting everybody at,
and the five of us stood outside, marvelling at the partly cloudy day we saw
above us.

After waiting a while (the bar wouldn’t open before noon, even though there
were about a dozen people waiting to patronize it..would it have been so hard
to pour a few pints?), we figured that since it looked like the game would start
on time, we would head over. Once in the Bronx, Fanatic and I met up with another
fellow, who had a very generous Yankee fan friend that provided us with just
about the best seats I’ve ever had at Yankee Stadium. Said seats also included
admission to the Pinstripe Pub (which would become key later), where we retired
to have a few quality pregame beers.

Well, as you all know, the game got ugly early. The good thing about that is
at least we were pretty much assured of the outcome before the 2nd inning was
over, so we could have some fun with it. We got to experience just about the
worst service ever at a food concession stand (and poor service was not limited
to Sox fans), saw the end of the no-hitter while hanging out in the Pinstripe
Pub with some Yankee fans (there weren’t many Sox fans in that place, but they
were good dudes..we were buying eachother rounds), and were back in our seats
for the end, trying to communicate with some non-English speaking Matsui fans
sitting in front of us (the Japanese have MUCH cooler cell phones). On the way
home, we made a VERY interesting train transfer from the 4 to the Metro North
at 125th street…I’m glad we didn’t know about this ‘shortcut’ after game 2
of the ALCS last year, because I wouldn’t have wanted to walk that same block
at midnight.

Considering the results, we still had an excellent time. Once again, thank
you very much to everybody who made it possible for us (especially pk and edmund_dantes).
Now let’s go get ’em today!

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