This Humble chatters take on the weekend

First off, I was a tad nasty and testy on Saturday, but I take September and October baseball serious, probably too serious. I am getting older and want to die with one World Series at least in the pine box with me. If I insulted or upset anyone it wasnG??t personal it was frustration of losing to the Yankees again. I do apologize

Well I have to admit I was brought back to earth with the last two days results in the Bronx. Sox played with a little dear in the head lights look to them, usually reliable players failed and everyone seem to crack in the bright lights of the big series

this officially brings a brilliant run over the last few weeks to an end. All evening I have been trying to think of a positive to take from these losses and trust me it was not easy. But one thing that jumped into my mind was a sort of flash back to last October and BooneG??s night in the Bronx, and in this run I had forgotten it. I started to think tonight the sox shouldnG??t forget it and it should drive them to excel.

I also noticed Petey as he walked into the dugout he didnG??t duck from the obscenities being hurled in his direction he paused and looked around and took it all in, I guarantee he thought I will see you in a couple of weeks and things will be different. A pissed off Pedro is a good Pedro for us anyway.

No doubt it was a letdown weekend, a lost weekend, and disappointing end to a great and exciting run. But I take solace in knowing the Yanks only won a battle the war hasnG??t started and we will have two lousy days in mid-September to look back at and help push the express to World Series. Stay aboard Boys and Girls itG??s just a bump in the road not a derailment of this great train.

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