The 3rd non-annual Paris game

Way back in 2000, some chatters decided to get together and go to
a game. The inspiration for this came from the chatter Paris, a Mass native
living in, well, you guessed it…Paris. Many came, good times were had, MBF
didn’t show up…and the Sox lost.

In the summer of 2001, Paris came stateside again, and again he organized a
mini-outing. This time, I attended…along with Paris, Rich, Dewey, and oLive.
The Sox lost, and MBF didn’t show up.

And now, after a 3 year hiatus, and a mass migration from to,
the outing was resurrected. Some things changed (the Sox won) and some things
remained the same (MBF didn’t show up.)

It all started a couple months ago when Paris decided he wanted to try to go
to the game with a few people. And he also decided that he didn’t want crummy
grandstand seats. He figured if he only gets to Fenway once a year, he wanted
to sit in good seats. So he got 4 tickets, 4 VERY GOOD tickets, and graciously
invited myself, Rich, and MBF. The tickets were sent to Rich for safe keeping.
Unfortunately, they DIDN’T stay safe…but everything worked out just fine.
When it became apparant that MBF wasn’t going to show up, Ami got the late call
and took his seat. Dewey met us at the bar before the game, and ended up moving
from Box 93 over with us to the sweet seats. We ended up 6 rows from the TB
on-deck circle, with a great view of the offensive explosion the Sox put on.
I got to meet Rob Szaz, the infamous Tampa Bay heckler…and good times were
had by all.

Thanks again to Paris, who graciously provided the tickets. Here are some pics
from the game: Album

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