The oh so average red sox

I decided early this season that I would stick behind this team through thick and thin. Well I picked a heck of a season to do that. I keep waiting for that magical team meeting to take place, for Varitek or Millar to kick over water bottles in the clubhouse and get this team to start an 8 game win streak but maybe it’s just not going to happen. On the bright side, Cabrerra is not going to hit .200 for the rest of the year so we should be seeing some offensive help from him even if it’s only him getting on base before the big guys. That’s the kind of shortstop he is. He showed some patience at the plate last night and honestly I can’t remember the last time our defense has looked as good as it does right now. Mientkievowickski showed us last night why he is here by stopping at least two balls that I can remember were headed for the sox dugout. It was also good to see them get to a guy who looked unhittable through 4 or 5 innings and put some numbers up on the board.

So maybe this year should be about the little things. I’m in a good mood today hopefully they can rattle off a few of these.

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