Disturbing trend

There is a disturbing trend of the Red Sox owners/management going public with everything in a manner that is usually only seen in politics. Every time something happens or is rumored to have happened, the spin machine kicks in high gear. Directly (LL and Theo’s numerous interviews) and indirectly (articles and commentary).

Say what you will about Nomar, the contract offers/refusals, the AROD deal, etc., etc., but this quote by Nomie yesterday sums it up:
“I’m not mad at them. I’m not going to rant and rave. I’m not jabbing anybody. If they don’t want me, fine. They traded me. Why can’t that be enough?”


I was basically going to post something similar today. Yesterday, it was John Henry making the rounds. First the booth with Jerry and Don, then the radio with Joe and Jerry, and then evidently talking to every beat writer the Sox have.


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