Pedro will be fine?


I’m starting to wonder. I didn’t have a huge problem with the rough start in
April, because he’s had some poor Aprils over the past few years. But it is
now June. And while only the most starry eyed fans expect to have the Pedro
of 99/2000 back, I think most of us would be happy to have 2002/2003 Pedro.
And so far, we’ve been a little disappointed.

I can chalk up last night partly to the fact that Vlad is very, very good.
But his monster game aside, that seemed to be a very different Pedro on the
mound last night. Body language and facial expressions didn’t appear to be confident,
and it was almost like the Angels hitters were like sharks in the water. 11
hits? In 5 innings? That’s not good.

The small glimmer of hope is that Pedro has shown plenty of signs of still
having it this year. When you really look
at it, he’s had 3 awful starts (including last night), 8 pretty damned good
ones (3 runs or less), and one menza-menza one (4 runs in 7). And as Remy pointed
out last night, Pedro bore down to get himself out of a jam in the 5th inning.
But Remy wondered aloud, and now I’m starting to think the same….why doesn’t
he bear down to START the game? What is he worried about?

All in all, I’m much more confident that Pedro will be fine than I am that
Lowe will be. It’s amazing that with the rotation as it looked going into the
season, the Sox wouldn’t be hurt by adding another quality starter via trade.
I know that I didn’t expect to have that need in 2004.

What is an antonym for clutch?

You decide.

I’ve actually been offline since Saturday…cable internet is out and won’t be back until at least tomorrow. This morning I’m taking advantage of Middletown, CT’s new ‘Wireless Main Street’. There is a WIFI hot spot about 1/4 mile in lenghth. Allowed me to set my out of office agent for work, and now check all my emails…all while I enjoy breakfast at the Ford News Diner.

Unitil next time!