4 thoughts from Hoss

1) Trading 2 of the top 5 prospects in the organization for Beltran would go against much of the philosophy that this ownership group has both spoken of and demonstrated since taking over. The only way it works is if Damon was included because that would wash this year’s salaries (Beltran-Damon) and take $8+ million off of the Sox payroll for next year that could be used for pending FA’s (including Beltran), but KC would never take Damon’s contract. I wish sox fans/media would stop hyping this deal and realize that it’s arms over bats in october every year. Adding Beltran doesn’t do much to increase the Sox odds of winning a single playoff series, nevermind giving us the edge to win it all, he just makes it more of a lock that the sox make the postseason, IMHO.

2) Trading two of the top prospects AND WILLIAMSON for Beltran would be riggoddamndiculous. We have enough bats to get it done. We don’t have enough pitching and this would take away one of the best set up men in the AL. Ass-i-nine. Trot and Nomar’s return has bumped the offense back to where it needs to be and Beltran is a marginal upgrade over Damon defensively and on the bases.

3) There is no need to trade right now. None. Dump the empty uni in the current pitching coach’s slot and get someone who can handle the staff mechanically and mentally. Wallace is content to let each guy be his own pitching coach. Let Kim and Arroyo fight it out for the #5 starter slot (with the loser getting the long relief slot) beginning next week and continue open auditions for the bullpen lefty. Reassess in mid July when more tickets have been sold so teams are willing to admit to their fans that they are out of the race and are auctioning off impact players. Frankly, right now, Freddy Garcia is not worth getting into a bidding war over.

4) Tito is in way over his bald head with this job. If you don’t understand the need for Damon to be bunting in SF in that situation (1st and 2nd, none out, pitcher’s duel, etc.) or the abundantly obvious fact that Millar should never start a game in the outfield, then you don’t exactly inspire confidence that you’re going to handle the stretch run and postseason chess games to come. Tito is a smiling, cheerleader quote making, ownership lackey, who is more concerned with granting vacation days and washing the players’ jockstraps than in making the gutsy moves and rocking the boat to win every goddamn game possible. Yet another in a series of managers who do fine with their checkers game mentality in the valued wildcard race (“Yippee! We just won the wildcard, let’s shower each other with champagne and go to Disneyworld!”) during the regular season, but who are overmatched under the bright lights when checkers turns to chess.

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