Tip of the cap

Sometimes the other guy is just better. Hats Off

Kudos to Arroyo, who threw a helluva game yesterday. But Schmidt was just that
much better. That guy was dominant. There will be plenty of Sox fans whining
about how Manny wasn’t in the lineup, or how the botched play in the field cost
the Sox dearly (even though the ump subsequently blew the call on the heads-up
play by Millar), or a myriad of other reasons why the Sox lost yesterday.

The Sox lost yesterday because the other pitcher was very, very good.

Schilling is on track to start tomorrow, evidently because a Sox fan site goaded
him into it (/sarcasm). Tito is getting testy:

Francona, who has grown tired of answering questions about Schilling, was asked
if there were any issues with the pitcher’s right ankle. “Hell no,” Francona said. “He was just going there because we needed to throw a side.
We didn’t want him to fly back here to throw a side. He’s OK.” Heuschkel

Hopefully his ankle holds up…this would put him on track to start Sunday,
when my cousin and her new husband will be at Fenway watching the day after
their wedding.

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