It appears the Sox Stat Guys Are At It Again

I\’m not going to go into an ACR rage over this, but i\’m very displeased with the current management actions regarding pitching rotation, nomar\’s rehab, and even the kim nonsense.

Nomar\’s rehab?? Yes, this is something that the sox are not addressing well. They have basically allowed for nomar to monitor every aspect of his rehab and the length of time he needs to rehab. He decides when he plays, how he plays and where he plays, and he picks his own time table. Now, nomar-ly this wouldn\’t be a big deal. But, the team needs this important player back in the lineup and now. He has rehabbed an achilles heel that was supposed to be day-to-day into a 60-day DL experience. This is ridiculous. He is obviously being way over cautious. If he can range two balls near second and throw out runners in an exhibition, i\’m guessing he\’s ready. He is simply playing the fans, organization and his teammates for fools. I\’m sorry, he has stretched his rehab to absurdity. No one has taken so much time for such an injury to heel that didn\’t require surgery.

The Kim nonsense. Here\’s what i mean by nonsense. We all make jokes about kim (hell, how can we not?). But, he remains to be a possible solution to some of the bullpen woes in terms of a long reliever. The sox have no link to their short guys from the starters who have made a habit of being done by the 5th. Kim was examined and then the sox tell him to \"wait\" until they pore over his rehab? What the hell is that? Kim should have began rehab immediately. You don\’t wait 2 weeks to allow a player to start a rehab program. It\’s complete micro-managing baloney. Now, how bout this. Kim\’s rehab is monitored and controlled by sox. Nomar\’s rehab is not. See my problem here? It stinks.

Now, lastly, we turn to the rotation. Yes, that fun rotation that has gone from the best in baseball (ok, throwing the best for a while, still 1-2-3-4 should be among the top 3) to batting practice for opponents. The pitchers are all having mechanical problems..all at once..nice…ugh. Pedro-mechanical, wakefield-mechanical, Lowe-head case, Arroyo-rookie slump. Schilling, the one to hold the fort i guess for now.

But, wakefield hasn\’t exactly been bad, and he\’s certainly been throwing a lot better than lowe and arroyo. Frankly, why he is being passed over in the rotation based on stat history of knuckleballers in Colorado is mystiying. He has never pitched there, so how is there a history for him? Well, that\’s how i look at it. Wakefield, of course, feels insulted by this and i have to agree. He should back up inconsistent starters like lowe and arroyo? Does anyone in Sox Nation really want to watch Lowe in Colorado? I don\’t. I don\’t want to see him in the Polo Grounds right now. He can go to extended spring training and work with guru Tony Cloninger. If Arroyo is anything close to his two most recent starts, wakefield will be throwing by the 6th. Except, i\’d rather wakefield throw against the padres as a starter–you know–maybe to actually try to win that game, instead of statistical analysis forcing moves on francona. You throw a pitcher to win, not to backup someone who\’s not throwing as well. It\’s nonsense.

Francona, the puppet manager or team guy he is, has picked the wrong time to screw with wakefield of all people. This is insanity. Lowe and Arroyo are not pitching well. Simple as that. Wakefield is still keeping his team in games. It just happens that yesterday his team gave him 2 runs. I\’m not even attempting to analyze pedro\’s meltdown in anaheim. Pedro did work with his pitching coach, as I asked in a previous story, and hopefully he feels he will right his ship.

The manager once again chose to sit varitek at catcher, but not use him at DH. You have to had your best hitters in the lineup right now in this waiting for nomar-trot times. Especially during a 4-game losing streak. And varitek had a 3-hit, 2-walk game on tuesday. And this happens after a day off? Varitek is in the lineup, you can put ortiz at 1st. Believe me, he isn\’t going to kill you at 1st. Management/manager need to understand this.

McCarty has played well defensively, but is not an everyday player, nor is Daubach. Mirabelli maybe a part-time player, but he hits and he hits for power. I can actually live with him Dh-ing a game one time while ortiz is at 1st if it means a possible extra basehit to help the offense. Does this thought ever cross francona\’s mind? No. He has a set plan with daubach, mccarty. As he has a set plan with millar in right. If you can jockey with guys during a season, you can use mirabelli more than once in a Blue Moon Odom.

I think the Sox are sending the fans different messages with bizarro actions. This part of Sox Nation is disturbed by these recent developments.

fred from medford

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