How about that?

So how many of you, when Bellhorn was up in the 9th, though “oh, jeez..there isn’t anybody to PH for this guy???

I did. I’ll admit it.

I’m there tomorrow for Schill. Right behind the plate.

Yes, I\’ve been lazy..

And busy. And maybe a little part of me didn’t feel like recapping during this losing streak.

All in all, though, even with 5 in a row, I never considered jumping off of the Arrogoni Bridge. Some were tough losses (Schillings), some were just jokes (Lowe and the Floundering Defense), and some the Sox were just flat-out beat. Last night’s game wasn’t much different..except for the result in the W/L column.

So we hope to see a rejuvinated Pedro tonight, mad as hell for his putrid performance after his nearly-as-putrid comments.

And even the Yankees winning streak hasn’t put the fear of God into me. They have gotten as many good breaks as the Sox have gotten bad breaks. Some bad starts that resulted in wins…comebacks against bullpens…I’m still not scared. It’s still going to be a dogfight.

Free Agent Grumblings

Let me start by saying that the friend in that last story sounds like one smart dude!

I am tired of hearing that every thing is the medias fault, and they are stirring up controversy on this issue. WRONG! Pedro is stirring up controversy! And I hope he likes the crow he\’s eatin\’ right now. If you can\’t sit down and talk to the media about what a sh!tty game you just pitched, keep your mouth shut when it comes to talking about your contract.

All I hear about the management of our team, is that they are hard ass penny pinching SOB\’s. Well let me lay out some facts.

1. Management picked up Pedro\’s 17.5 million dollar option WAY earlier than they had to. They responded to his DEMAND to pick it up. Aside from a couple of sentences after game 7 last year, thats the LAST time I heard Pedro make a public statement. He\’s had some flashes of brilliance this year. But on the same token, he has now had 3 pretty crappy outings. He gave up his 6th HR of the year last night, when all of last year, he gave up 7. I don\’t blame them for not signing him yet. Why tie up 17.5 in one guy, when in this market, we could have 2 quality pitchers for 9-13 million each per year? It doesn\’t make sense.

2.Nomar has been offered a couple of different contracts. He\’s not worth the money he wants. He wants Jeter money. 18 million a year, and it isn\’t going to happen. 4 years for $60 mil, I feel is the best offer he saw, and is going to see. Tellum thought he could get more money for him, maybe he will maybe he won\’t, but it won\’t be from the sox, thats for sure.

3.Lowes agent is Scott Boras, and we all know about Scott Boras. He and Lowe are gonna MAX OUT!!! He\’ll have an offer for 20 million a year for 5 years waiting for Lowe this offseason, just like he had that monster contract offer for Milwood. Riiiiiight!

4.Now for Tek. I haven\’t heard a damn word about contract outta Tek. Did I miss anything?

Whatever happens…..happens, but I won\’t be depressed with a rotation of Schilling, Kim, Arroyo, Wakes, and ????next year… Lowe would be cool…… with Varitek sitting behind the plate.

It is evident that Theo knows what he is doing. And that\’s what\’s in the best interest of the team, to be able to make a run at the championship each and every year.

I understand that he hasn\’t layed the World Series trophy on the table yet, but mark my words, HE WILL! The man is brilliant, and is the best thing to happen to the Sox in a longa$$ time.

Bite your tongues, and enjoy the rest of the long season, because we are gonna be playing more than just 3 games in October.

Pedro\’s Mad

..and he’s not going to take it any more.

This news broke just as I was going to bed last night, and there is a full
article in the Courant about it. Their website isn’t updated as of now, so I
can’t give a link, but I’m sure the automatic ESPN links to the left have the

Lack of respect, have to earn a living, leaked information about his shoulder,
blah, blah, blah.

I’ve always been a proponant of the "You HAVE to sign Pedro" theory…even
if his arm is about to fall off. But I’m siding with the bosses on this one.
Who has said anything about a bum shoulder this year? A couple of talking heads
on TV…maybe it’s me, but I haven’t seen anything damaging that was potentially
leaked by the Sox. As far as I’m concerned, this seems like Pedro taking negotiations

Way to bring the good feelings to a grinding halt, Pedro. Even if this is the
way you feel, what’s the sense in going public with it? To screw up clubhouse
karma? To get nitwit radio even MORE against you? To give Dan Shaughnessey material?
I just don’t understand what the goal here is…unless the Sox offer a contract
in the next couple weeks, and this is just a negotiating ploy.

I love Pedro to death, and I want to see him finish his career in Boston (because
the way I see it, the only other place he’s going is New York)…but this kind
of crap just makes me shrug my shoulders. A buddy of mine summed it up best
in an email to me this morning:

You know guys, I love all of these players with cotracts coming up this season,
especially varitek. But after seriously thinking about it for a while, I really
could care less what the hell they do with all of the players, as long as they
win the G.D. world series.

Just give me 365 days to be able to ask every yankee fan I know... " Who
won the world series last year "? , and we'll work on the next 20 from