Memorial Day

PSF EDIT: I had no net access until today, so this is late…but
still worth posting


Just a few thoughts regarding Memorial Day and what it means to me. As a kid
growing up I always considered MD as the "kick-off" to summer. My
father and my uncles would pack up us boys and take us up north in the Maine
wilderness for a "fishing trip" that would entail a 8 hr drive Friday
afternoon..two days of fishing, camping, and usually drinking.

We would pack up Sunday night and drive half the night to come home to have
the "family" cookout on Monday. Great memories of a huge family spending
time together. Now the family has fragmented as most families do, as the generations
get older and the "elders" pass on. It occurs to me these memories
can never be replicated. They are part of my personal history to be sure, and
I share them with my children, family and friends, but they represent another
time..another place.

Perhaps due to this "passage of time" reflections, I starting thinking
about what MD is suppose to be. I’ve decided that MD should be a day of memories
such as mine, and we all should recognize WHY we can enjoy things like family
cookouts, fishing trips, the beach, a Sox game, and the many other things that
families and friends typically do on MD weekend. MD should trancend politics,
personal opinions regarding war, current administrations, and all the negatives
regarding life in these United States. All of the men and women that have paid
the ultimate sacrifice in the service of this country did just that believing
that they were in fact protecting a way of life that most of us take for granted.

So…I wish you all a wonderful MD..and I hope you all are building your own
memories. Hopefully all of us will take a few moments to pay tribute to those
who believed they were sacrificing there own warm memories so the rest of us
could enjoy ours.

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