Nice work if you can get it

The Sox offense spots Derek a big lead, but he does his best to keep the game
interesting. And once again, he throws a few innings of good ball, then quickly
falls apart after an error/bad play in the field. I really hope he turns it
around and becomes the 2002 Lowe..but you know what? It ain’t gonna happen.
2002 is looking more like an anomaly instead of the norm.

In 2003, Lowe had 2 good months…June and September. September carried into
October, which has clouded some people’s perception of him because he had some
good playoff performances. Don’t give me this "he won 17 games" crap,
because he went 10-3 pre all star break with an ERA of nearly 5. He gets another
vulture win last night, even though his ERA went UP by .19.

I think Sox fans will be just as happy that Lowe turned down 3 years/27 million
as he and Boras will be upset. I see him pitching himself right out of a payday
in 2005…and at this rate, possibly out of the Sox starting rotation. Yes,
I’m totally serious.

On a positive note, Keith Foulke has been the most dominant closer in baseball
thus far. He has given up one run in 21 games. That’s outstanding.

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