ABC TV Looking for Sox fanatics

Are you a Sports-mad family? Does your wife hate the fact that your team is more
important to you than her?

I am working on a new show for ABC television, called “Wife Swap”.
I am writing today because we are looking for people to apply to appear on our

“Wife Swap” is about two families swapping moms for 10 days.

We will get the chance to look at how they make decisions, how they manage
their home-life and generally run their households. “Wife Swap” allows
a mom to teach another family something about their life and hopefully learn
something in return.

I am personally looking for a sports fanatic or a family of sports fans for
an episode of the show. Do you have a family, and would you like to try out?
Do you know anybody who might be interested in trying out? Please give them
our number!

212 905 6059

Swap TV show

ABC Casting

PSF EDIT: This was submitted yesterday. It’s better than a recap of
what happened last night, that’s for sure!

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