Chat Tangents

Obviously, you can’t talk about baseball 24/7, so sometimes the chat room goes
on a tangent. Well, here are snippets of the discussion started after this
article about a family who just had their FIFTEENTH KID.

15:06:13 [rich] Compared with the average American family, ours is very unusual.
My husband, Jim Bob, and I have 14 children. We’ve been blessed with nine boys
and five girls, including two sets of twins. Our oldest son, Joshua, is 15.
The youngest, Justin, is 10 months.

15:07:10 [rich] GET OFF ME, JIM BOB!

15:07:14 [Q] and she’s only 37.

15:07:25 [rich] THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

15:10:14 [rich] The boys sleep in the master bedroom, and the girls sleep in
a room with bunk beds. (Jim Bob and I have a small room, but we’re in the process
of building a bigger house, so soon we’ll all have more space.)

15:11:04 [Q] Once the kids are in bed, Jim Bob and I have a little time alone

15:11:20 [Q] three guesses how they spend all their "alone time".

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