Nice to have one of these every once in a while, eh?

Schilling was pretty much lights out (although he labored a bit in the 7th),
and the bats came alive. Manny with his 12th, and Bellhorn with a career night
that included a homer off of the screen on Pesky’s Pole. And Ortiz continues
to be torrid; 4 for 6 with 2 more doubles to increase his AL leading total to

The bad news is that the injury bug has claimed another significant victim:

The Red Sox have managed to hold on to first place in the American League
East without Trot Nixon and Nomar Garciaparra. Now that those two are closer
to returning, the Red Sox will be without the 2003 AL batting champion.

Third baseman Bill Mueller will have arthroscopic surgery on his right
knee Friday in Phoenix and likely miss 4-6 weeks, Red Sox team physicianBill
Morgan said Tuesday. DAVIS

So no Nomar/Trot at all, Williamson out, Kim hurt (some would say no big loss),
and now Mueller out. The bright spot here is that we can see if Youkilis is
the real deal, as he’ll be getting the lion’s share of the PT.

So now we get to see the next installment of the Lowe suck fest tonight. I
hope he turns it around, but I’m not confident.

Oh, and this sick
was playing with my kid when the circus was in town a couple weeks
ago. I hate clowns.

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