The beginnings of a nice little streak, methinks?

Today was my 5th time at Fenway; 5 wins. I’m not gonna say it’s just me, but….maybe
the Sox should keep me in mind should they make the playoffs.

They sure wanted to give Toronto a chance not to be swept, eh? I mean; giving
a guy a start because it is his birthday (Crespo)? I don’t know if that’s WHY
he started, but Joe and Jerry kept mentioning it. But a good game, except for
the laughable performance by Bautista. For the first time in ages, we actually
left in the middle of the 8th, as we had parked in Brookline and wanted to try
to beat the crowd a bit.

This year, I’ve tried to spread it around a bit when it comes to pregame establishments…although
today I think I may have found a winner. Where I go before a game depends on
who I’m with, and what kind of mood I’m in. A Saturday game with a pal? Someplace
like Cask or the former BB Wolf’s to do some ogling. A weeknight game (where
I just drove up 90 miles and will have to return that evening)…a couple pops
at a place like Copperfields. Generally, when I go with my wife (which is more
often than not), we get there early and go somewhere where we can have a meal
with more variety than a sausage in the park, but still don’t have to rush out
to try to get in for gametime. For a while, it was Beer Works for this kind
of trip. One game this year, at the recommendation of psf.commer chucks, we
went to O’Leary’s in Brookline, which poured a great Guiness and we had a nice

Today we parked in Brookline again, and on the walk to the park decided to
stop at An Tua Nua.
We got there at 1:00 for a 2:05 game, and it was pretty much dead. I’d imagine
that the fact that it was Sunday played a big part in that…but my hunch is
that this place doesn’t get the Cask/BBW type crowds. Anyway, nice looking bar,
the wide open windows would have been nice were it a warmer day, and we had
some good food. And I had a couple of good pints. Anyway, I’ll definitely be
going back there before some game in the future. There is no map on that link,
but it was not even a 5 minute walk to the park from there.

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