EDIT: I just saw this today, it was composed on 5/15

1. Let’s face it, a roster spot on this team is a pretty cushy gig. Soft managerial
style and soft player leadership. Absolutely no one is going to get in your face
unless you aren’t sociable. Drop an easy pop fly because the roof was open or
forget how many outs there are, or whine about the schedule, just as long as you
play Playstation and go out to dinner with the fellas and it’s all good.

2. The team has had 4 games rained out and played two double-headers. There
has been no west coast swing. The yankees are the only playoff caliber opponent
the sox have faced up to now. Tough schedule?

3. I’d trade Damon, Kim and cash for Beltran in a heartbeat, even if Beltran
left via FA this winter. Damon is the most overpaid player on the roster and
maintains his popularity with Red Sox Nation because he’s white and teenage
girls buy his jersey.

4. Sox management is clearly going “all in” on this season. In my
opinion, they are prepared to lose four of the five big FA’s. May happen, may
not, but they are ready to roll the dice. Schilling, Manny, Nixon, Wakefield,
Kim, Arroyo, Foulke and tons of payroll cash freed up appears to be a very viable
option for them to go with for building 2005’s roster.

5. The “Fenway is the smallest ballpark in MLB” excuse is already
being perfected. With every possible cent of revenue squeezed out of the facility
and no mention of a replacement or long-term plan, it’s clear where they are

6. Under no circumstances do you trade for Randy Johnson. None. Nada. Zip.

Hoss has spoken. Read it now, ponder over it in the interim, and discuss amongst
yourselves later.

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