Hats Off

First off, congrats to Wakes on his 400th appearance, 105th Sox win (ties Pedro
and Lefty Grove for 8th), and a nice outing. Of course, do we expect anything
different when Wakes pitches in Tampa Bay? Oh, yeah, and the kid thing…congrats
on that, too!

Offense showed a little sign of life with Manny going 3-4 (2 doubles), Bellhorn
with a homer, and Pokey Reese going 2-3 with an RBI. A couple things I’ve noticed:

  1. At first glance, Bellhorn seems to be one of those switch hitters who maybe
    should give it up and stick to one side (the left). .253/.404/.460 from the
    left, .179/.373/.256 from the right in 2004. However, his 3 year splits actually
    show that he’s normally better (not by much) from the RIGHT side…these numbers
    somewhat skewed by his breakout (fluke?) 2002 numbers, where he was better for average from the right, but more power (and
    a TON more walks) from the left. What does this mean? Hell if I know; hopefully
    it means his stats as a RHB will level out, and not to 2003 levels.
  2. Pokey has really become less of an automatic out in the past month. So far
    in May he’s hitting .267. Obviously not spectacular…but anybody who has
    watching all season has to admit that he’s swinging the bat OK. Obviously
    the 2 HR game was an anomaly, but he’s making solid contact, and striking
    out a lot less.
  3. In my opinion, Kapler is the biggest regular hole in the lineup right now.
    Granted, he seems to be starting less and less, but he’s really shown absolutely
    nothing all year. And Crespo is following right behind him. The good thing
    is that hopefully these are the two guys that get zero time when Nomar and
    Trot return…now the question of the hour is when will THAT happen.

Also congrats to Randy Johnson on his perfect game. I caught the last couple
innings of this thanks to TBS…unbelievable. The funny thing about it is that
in my roto baseball league, the guy who has RJ gets ZERO points because he had
an illegal roster yesterday. Ain’t THAT a kick in the pants!

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