Bet not too many teams…

…put the left-handed shift on against Ortiz anymore. His homer was nice…but
poking the ball to the opposite field when they put the shift on for him was
a thing of beauty.

Ortiz beat the shift twice Tuesday night by hitting the ball to opposite ends
of Fenway Park. The first time, he turned on a 94-mph fastball and launched
it toward the city's skyline overlooking the right field roof, a majestic shot
that landed about 25 rows deep in grandstands.

"I just tried to say, `What's up?' to my man Ted Williams back there tonight," Ortiz said. "Just kidding."

Ortiz was joking about the storied bleacher seat Williams reached with a 502-foot
homer in 1946.

The Indians weren't laughing in the eighth when Ortiz lined a ball through
the vacated left side and into the corner for a double, the first of four straight
two-out hits by the Red Sox.HEUSCHKEL

And McCarty seems to have responded since I yelled at him from behind the plate
on Saturday afternoon. Yes, I’m taking full responsibility.

From the “I’m not sure how to respond to this” department:

Francona said there's nothing physically wrong with reliever Scott Williamson,
who has not pitched in six games. He warmed up in the eighth and said he was
going to pitch the ninth if the score remained tied HEUSCHKEL

Also from the above notebook, Nomar and Trot took live BP at Fenway yesterday,
and evidently looked pretty good.

I didn’t stay awake to watch the Yankee game (they had just restarted when
I went to bed last night), but I see the GD recap in this morning’s paper. Is
it me, or have they had an awful lot of ‘lucky’ wins on this hot streak they
are on? Makes me think what somebody who doesn’t like the Sox felt like last
season when they picked up the paper and didn’t know what happend. “You’re
kidding me? They pulled it out AGAIN?” Maybe it’s just my perception…

TRIP UPDATE: I have 3 weeks before I send money to the Orioles.
I have recieved money from exactly 3 people. Needless to say, I’m slightly annoyed.
If you said you are coming, and you still want to come, pony up the dough.

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