Arroyo earned his 5 spot back last night…without even doing anything. After
a promising first start this year, Kim’s last two have been less than stellar.

Is Kim Korean for Contrares?

At least he’s only the 5th starter. But to lose a slugfest with the Indians
just isn’t good. And those that have known me over the years know that I’m not
a huge manager basher, but Francona has made a handful of questionable decisions
over the last couple of days. The good (well, not THAT good) news is that a
few of them can be explained if we hear that there is something wrong with Williamson,
who has not pitched since 5/5.

I’ve not seen or heard anything regarding Williamson, but I can’t understand
why he hasn’t pitched for 5 days.

Didn’t help last night that in addition to missing Nomar and Trot, the lineup
was missing Manny yesterday. And with a lefty starting, Ortiz might as well
have been missing as well. One thing that was also consistantly horrible was
the game called behind the plate. I haven’t seen that many questionable 3rd
strike calls in some time.

Here’s hoping that Pedro/Sabbathia has simliar results as last week. It’s going
to be warm tonight…I’m curious to see how the weather effects Sabbathia, with
his size and all. Wonder if he gets tired later in the game.

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