The Streak Continues

…actually, a couple of different streaks.

1. Sox are 4-0 in games I’ve attended

2. Sox/Schilling are undefeated when I wear my Schilling t-shirt on a day that
he pitches. Sox have never won when he pitches and I don’t wear said t-shirt.

What a game yesterday. Schill was dealing, I got to see an offensive explosion
from Pokey (the two people I was with both missed Pokey’s inside the parker),
and just after I yelled "McCarty, you something here!", he
jacks one. And he could hear me from where I was sitting (not that he actually
DID hear me..but he could have.)

PSF.commer Fanatic is the luckiest bastard alive. Not only does he not get
beaten to a pulp for wearing an ugly Sox hat while at Fenway, he hit the jackpot

1. He was able to convince his wife to go to today’s game (on Mother’s Day),
and is sitting in the seats I used yesterday.

2. He snuck into the park for free yesterday, and was able to walk around and
see the game.

3. In the 2nd inning, he used TODAY’s ticket to come down to where we were
sitting, and watched the whole game from 8 rows behind home plate. For free.

Good times at Copperfield’s before the game for the SoSH bash. It was great
to be able to put faces to so many of the names over there. And I got a nice
surprise….longtime chatter pk is actually also a SoSH member (somehow
I never made the connection), and he also came up and said hello. Of course,
it wasn’t unti the ride home that I remembered just how long he’d been coming
in…it was the lightbulb in the head when he mentioned being in Alaska last

Sam Horn was actually at the bash, but I missed him…we didn’t get there until
about 11:45.

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