Even Bob Ryan Got It Right Sunday

I\’m here in defense of a member of the sox known as the ace, and no i\’m not talking about the other quality ace curt schilling, who has begun his sox career in fine fashion and is one of the top 5 in the game in my opinion.

I\’m here to defend one clubpedro or ramonabe jr. While people are busy worrying about his comments and his supposed greediness and I-me attitude, one should only look at statistics for the 2004 season. It\’s a month and a week into the season, yet there is this frayed, fragile and twilight of his career pedro with a 4-2 record, top 4 in the league in innings pitched, top 3 in the league in strikeouts.

But hey, he was responsible for the team\’s 5-game tailspin due to his…his what? his comments? that\’s what a lot of dimwitted sox fans said. Others, who in some cases are supposedly more intelligent of the fandom, said \"i\’d like to see two straight good starts from him before i pass judgment.\"..I\’m thinking, you got to be kidding. The guy is a hall of famer, his overall record and era are legendary compared to others. Give him two starts to determine if he is \"slipping\"? Oh brother, that\’s just idiotic.

On the ESPN Sportsreporters, bob ryan of the globe commented on the possibility that pedro could leave boston after this season. He said, \"let\’s concentrate on 2004, let\’s enjoy that now.\" He\’s right and i\’ve been saying that for a long time. Who cares about pedro in 2005, i don\’t. By then, maybe the team has won it all, maybe pedro has again been toasted as the 1-2 punch of the league\’s power tandems. Not many of them, i might add. Schilling and pedro will be in the top 3 in the league in era, k\’s and innings pitched by the end of the season. That\’s not even a prediction, it\’s almost likely to happen by even their past performances. And still, some people want him traded now. Trade that cancer now! (ugh).

Pedro will have some bad starts this year, he will give up some more home runs, and he will win 18-22 games and be an all-star. I\’m a little tired of hearing about all these sox stars who will leave after 2004. Enjoy 2004, because a team that is leading the AL East with basically middle-of-the-road hitting overall is nearly a full run in front of the rest of the AL in ERA. the team that was .83 runs behind them going into saturday\’s play gave up 15 runs last night–Texas.

Finally, pedro nation is the best pitcher i\’ve ever seen pitch for the sox not named luis tiant or roger clemens. he is a clutch pitcher despite last year\’s over-hyped blowup v. yanks. he will continue to be one of the greats, whether he throws 90 or 80. Enjoy clubpedro now, because he\’s worth the enjoyment, and he\’s worth every penny he asks for or the sox have given him over the years.

fred from medford

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