Nothing washes the taste of a bad loss out of your mouth…

…like beating up on the Yankees.

I missed most of the game; I went to a play last night. I brought my radio,
but I could get no signal inside the auditorium, so I was relegated to checking
my cell phone for scores every few minutes. At intermission, it was 1-0 Sox
so I went outside to listen for a little while. Got the radio in my ear just
in time to hear Millar and Bellhorn go back to back.

I got home and started watching just after Manny hit his homer. I’m glad I
got to watch at least a little bit, because generally, Sean and Jerry are an
amusing pair. Last night they kept riffing on the Yankees official scorer, who
inexplicably gave Enrique Wilson an error after a ball popped out of Gary Sheffield’s
glove. This produced many of the subtle comments that Sean is known to throw
out there. For example, A-Rod beat out a ball hit to the 3b side, on what turned
out to be a pretty close play. Sean utters "I’d have given McCarty the
error for not jumping high enough." He had some funny comments in Toronto
as well…makes me wish he did more than just a handful of games. Orsillo isn’t
terrible, but Sean and Jerry have banter that just doesn’t come out with Orsillo.

If you are a Yankee fan and you happen to check out this site; how do you feel
about Vasquez pitching on 3 days rest? To me, that’s a move that comes very
close to reeking of desparation…I mean; changing your rotation for a series
in April? For reasons that have nothing to do with the weather? I don’t get

Brown/Arroyo today at 1.

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