Tidy Win

PSF.com’s own Tim
with another stellar performance last night. Yes, it is only April,
but as was mentioned before, the Sox pitching staff is shaping up to be a formidable

It (Starters ERA) dropped to 3.58 Wednesday night as Tim Wakefield teamed
with two relievers to beat the Blue Jays, 4-2. Red Sox starters have had eight
quality outings in 14 games, pitching at least six innings in 10.

Looking at the Sox rival, they were dealt a blow yesterday:

Pitcher Jorge De Paula, after consulting with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham,
Ala., will have Tommy John surgery today to reconstruct the ulna collateral
ligament in his right elbow. De Paula, who pitched against the Red Sox Friday,
reported stiffness or discomfort in the elbow. Team physician Stuart Hershon
examined De Paula on Saturday, and Andrews concurred with Hershon's diagnosis.
Andrews will perform the surgery today; recovery time is 8-12 months


If the Yankees are able to make any big trades this year to shore up any weak
points, and they are able to do so by trading mainly minor-league prospects…I’ll
be shocked. The news above means that Jon Lieber better come back strong for
them, or they might have some problems. Then again, we are only talking about
the #5 pitching spot for them…I guess a lot of teams would like to have uncertainty
in only one spot in the rotation.

Listening to the radio yesterday afternoon, I heard one of the most amazing
statistics. Before last nights game, Barry Bonds had seen something in the neighborhood
of 250 pitches (I don’t remember the exact numbers of pitches and swings, but
I’m close). Of all those pitches, he had swung 61 times. Total. (That number
doesn’t change today because he evidently didn’t swing last night.) Of those
61 swings, he has missed the ball 6 times. And he has hit 8 balls out of the
park. So he is averaging a home run every 8 SWINGS. The average for swings between
homers is over 100.

That is just sick.

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