First round goes to..

…the Sox.

A nice performance out of Arroyo today…can’t ask for much more from the 5th
starter. He hung in there, kept the Sox in it…and they clawed back against
Brown. How about the performance of the bullpen in this series? I haven’t looked
it up; but did they give up a run besides the one Foulke gave up on Saturday
that was a direct result of defensive indifference?

Obviously, nobody expects the Yankees to play this poorly all year. The bats
will come around. The bullpen has been excellent. But in my opinion, they have
some big pitching concerns.

Mussina has not looked good at all. Contrares has never impressed me, and I
don’t want to hear the overrated phrase ‘he has great stuff’. Please. Vasquez
and Brown, while not terribly impressive against the Sox, do look good thus
far this year. And as of today, they have no reliable number 5.

What we as Sox fans have to hope for is that the Yankees bats don’t wake up
in Chicago, because the pitching matchups this weekend seem to greatly favor
Boston. April or not, to take 5 of the first 7 from New York would be nice.
Barring rainouts in Chicago, it looks like this:

  • FRI: Lowe vs. Contrares
  • SAT: Arroyo vs. Brown
  • SUN: Never Heard of Him vs. Pedro

So 2 rematches, and what looks to be a mismatch.

As I compose this, I’m watching a special on YES that is pretty interesting.
I just watched the replay of today’s game here, and left it on to watch ‘The
Rivalry that Ruth Built’. A little heavy on the Curse crap (what a shocker;
Shaugnessy is part of the piece), and obviously biased towards the Yankees,
but interesting nonetheless.

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