What a day…

Several years ago, when Sox news on the internet was still relatively new to
me, I shared this story on the Red Sox USENET board. It may not translate as such, but when considering
favorite days in all my life, it has always gotten consideration. In fact, at
the time, I evidently ranked it in my top 5.

I was already married at the point that I composed that post; so I don’t know
WHAT kind of days I would have to come up with to justify a hungover trip to
Fenway being in my top 5…but I really felt that way.

Is it STILL in my top 5? I don’t know…it could be. I have since been blessed
with a beautiful little girl, and she has probably provided me with enough moments
to bump most treasured memories out of the top 5. But it is definitely still
a day that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

So why does a random story about a treasured outing at Fenway get brought up
today, you ask? Well, because today may have knocked it out of the top spot.
Sit back, and let me spin you a yarn…

This morning, I woke up with a plan. My daughter woke up at 6:30 (as she is
prone to do no matter WHAT time she went to bed the night before). Even though
I was up until 11:30 watching the game the night before, I figured I’d get up
with her and let my wife sleep in a bit. You see, as I previously mentioned,
I had a PLAN. I figured that if I was going to waste a couple hours (during
what was shaping up to be a beautiful day) sitting inside and watching Schilling
pitch against the Yankees…well, I needed to get some things done first to
be able to justify it.

Yardwork. I decided upon yardwork. We’ve been working at getting all the sticks
to the street before the town comes by and picks them up. And I have some leaves
(ok, a LOT of leaves) left over that need cleaning up. Part of it is that we
got snow before I was done, the other part is..well, I’m lazy.

So I got up with my child, got her her morning yogurt and Rice Krispies, and
I did a little internet surfing while I shook the cobwebs from my brain. I checked
out SoSH, I browsed Royal
, and I caught up on the latest and greatest Sox news. I stumbled
upon a post at SoSH that caught my eye…somebody posted at 4 AM that tickets
were available through the Sox 24 hour touch tone line. After thinking about
it for a second, I decided I’d try.

Well, I got through, and when it came time to select a date, I picked today.
And it said that tickets were available…but since it was only hours away,
I had to get them at the box office. So just for ha-ha’s, I tried Monday. No
dice, sold out. So I tried Sunday…and there WERE tickets..and I COULD buy
them right then and there. However, my wife has a shower to go to, and I have
a birthday party to take the kid to. So I said an ‘aw, shucks’, hung up, and
got ready to start my day.

I drove to Dunkin Donuts for some sustinance for my family and I, and to pick
up a new rake. I got home, and immediately went to work. Boy, do I hate raking.
After about an hour, I had some nice piles shaping up. I didn’t feel like dragging

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