Things are shaping up nicely…

I actually watched the game yesterday, first ST game I’ve watched from beginning to end…and it left me with some positives.

  • Derek Lowe is looking very sharp. If this carries over into the season, that’s a SCARY 1-2-3. Read in today’s paper that he only threw 70 pitches, and Francona pulled him just so others could get some work.
  • Kapler may be the biggest bargain on this team right now. We know he can play the outfield well, and his bat isn’t terrible. He really flashed some leather at 3rd yesterday.
  • Foulke pitched a decent 2 innings yesterday. We know he can pitch 2 innings; I’m wondering how often he will be called upon to do so with the solid bullpen he has in front of him.

I also read this morning that the Sox are trying their damndest to sign Nomar and Pedro before the season starts, and that the beautiful people will be able to have beer brought to them in their seats at Fenway this year. The rest of us will have to go get in line still.

Also learned yesterday, there will be a feature length film documentary coming out in May about the 2003 Sox (preview here). I have mixed feelings on this one. While not as perplexing as the ‘Cowboy Up’ DVD (why make a retrospective about a team that really didn’t do anything when it comes down to it?), the filmmakers definitely got lucky when they picked this team last year. I’ll probably see it if it becomes locally available.

Also for the 2004 season, Stephen King will co-write a book about the 2004 season with author Stewart O’Nan.

O'Nan and King, lifelong Red Sox addicts, will chronicle the season from spring training and Opening Day through to the highly anticipated events of the fall, in a hardcover book that Scribner will publish in late '04. They'll go to some games together and each will keep a diary. They'll argue or agree about plays and trades, and the result will be a fan's notes for the ages.Link

Here’s hoping that it isn’t added to the list of King horror stories!

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