In Tents

Shilling appears to be like campers (the title? Get it? in-tents? OK; let’s
move on.). Fired up for a game against my wife’s alma mater, he was evidently
fired up:

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was sitting at his locker
putting on his socks when he noticed a reporter approaching.

"Not right now," Schilling said politely. "After the game, OK?"

From the moment he arrived at City of Palms Park wearing a Sandy Koufax jersey,
Schilling was focused. It didn't matter that his first start this spring was
against a bunch of college kids.

"He'll find some reason to treat this like a big game," Red Sox manager
Terry Francona said before the game. "I'm not sure what it is yet, but
he'll find one."

Schilling pitched three innings and allowed three hits in a 7-0 victory over
Northeastern University Friday. He struck out three and walked none. He threw
36 pitches, 28 for strikes.

The article goes on to say that Curt plans on being at 100 pitches by the time
Spring Training is over. Workhorse pitching like that in addition to a much
stronger staff than the one that left Florida last March bodes well for the
2004 bullpen.

And from yesterday
on the report of the first ST game of the season, we see that Francona had the
bright idea (not a new idea to all of us, mind you) to switch Manny and Nomar
in the lineup. I LOVE this move for a couple of reasons. No more Manny leading
off the 2nd…starting pitcher forced to throw more pitches in the first inning…splitting
up the power guys a bit…

Anyway, the Sox are now 2-0 in ST (yeah; I know they’ve played 3..but come
on…Northeastern and BC?), and I’ve only watched 1/2 an inning. I went down
to Mohegan Sun last night
during the game for my wife’s birthday. I hadn’t been in nearly four years…that
joint is impressive. Since it was her birthday, we only did slots (which I loathe)
and ended up losing only $40. Had a nice meal at Bubba’s
, I recommend it if you are in the area. In fact, I might make the trip
down a few more times just to try out the restaurant selection.

I figure the first full game I take in will be tomorrow’s Sox/Yanks game.

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