Roid Rage

Today, the Courant weighs in on the steriod issue with comments from some of
the Sox players. Damon all but names Giambi:

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling said Tuesday that some of
his former teammates used steroids. Johnny Damon also said he's played with
steroid users.

"Everything right now is hearsay," Schilling said. "But if these
guys are caught, or whoever they are, there will be a price to pay beyond the
embarrassment of having your entire career tainted and having the game tainted."

Damon said one of the players mentioned is a close friend.

"I know there's a chance he has done stuff in the past," Damon said.
"It doesn't take away the fact that he can hit baseballs. You still have
to hit them. But it definitely made him a lot of money. It's worked out for
him. Hopefully he's aware and he's able to stop and continue to play well."

Also noted is the progress of Schilling’s new cut fastball (“It’s coming”),
and Pedro looking sharp for his second mound session.

From the Yankees camp, the Courant’s Dom Amore also weighs in on the issue.

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Yankees are trying to pretend the steroids issue in baseball
is not an issue for them.

Still, this one is not going away, and it threatens to blow a hole through
this usually impregnable baseball cocoon.

"We're going to be playing some games," manager Joe Torre said, "and
that will give you something to talk about besides this stuff we're not commenting
on that won't go away."

Should be interesting to see if this affects the Yanks.

And I’m gonna like this Schilling fella. This cracked me up:

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Mess with Curt Schilling at your peril, it seems. Even if you're a teammate.

Kevin Millar made the mistake yesterday of reminding Schilling about the time he took him deep April 28, 2002, for the Marlins, when Schilling was pitching for Arizona.

"He was talking about how he has a tape on all the hitters," Millar said. "I asked him if he had my big blast against him. It went about 330 feet and barely cleared the fence."

Schilling answered Millar's question a little later. When Millar stepped in against him for batting practice, Schilling whistled his first pitch of the day just behind Millar's neck.

"My heart dropped," said catcher Jason Varitek. "It scared the crap out me."

Ditto for Millar, whose homer was his only hit in seven career at-bats against Schilling.

"He didn't even tell Varitek he was going to do it," Millar said.

Asked about the pitch afterward, Schilling said, "You can ask [Millar] about that one."

Told that Millar connected it to his playful banter earlier in the day and that Varitek dismissed it as "just joking," Schilling seemed a bit puzzled. Or he did a good job of faking it.

"You're taking this seriously," a reporter said.

"This is what I do," Schilling said. "Did I hit him?"

EDIT: Apparantly, Schilling didn’t take to kindly to the above piece (which I saw as funny…it is evident that some people read it and thought that he really did try to kill Millar.) Follow the Tuesday Mike F link for his full response.

First off, the pitch was nowhere near his neck, obviously whoever wrote the piece was not actually an eyewitness to the incident. Second, what Bob Hohler wrote was not accurate either, since it was he who asked me the question, not "a reporter".

The pitch WAS intended to be a joke, kinda. ... I knew he was in my BP group, so I waited to make my response It worked, everyone had a laugh, and I think everyone that isn't a close friend or teammate in the immediate vicinity got the idea.

Lastly, what he did ask me, which in reality is really none of his business, was if I was joking, which I thought was a pretty stupid question to begin with, of course I was as far as he was concerned. But the work being done during BP is not a joke. Everyone outside of the batting cage, rookie pitchers and hitters included, were left to wonder whether it was or wasn't, so I was satisfied. Bottom line is if I can scare the crap out of one of my teammates (for just one second), then they ought to be pretty confident that when the games count, starting tomorrow, like every winning team I have ever been on, they have my back, I have theirs.

And in all honesty, I think I walked about 60 guys in my last 400 or so innings, if I wanted to hit someone...........

The above is about what I assumed when I read the Globe piece…which is why I got a chuckle out of it. Evidently, on SoSH (and I saw it here on as well as other message boards), some read the article at face value and were actually MAD at Schilling.

I thought this was a group of fans that didn't buy into alot of the crap being written, you can't take alot of this stuff at face value, you can't.

Ouch. Anyway, I really hope Schilling doesn’t feel the need to present his side of everything that is written about him during his Boston tenure…because if so, he ain’t gonna have time to get ready to pitch!

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