NOW everybody is there…

2/3rds of the outfield showed up yesterday…and boy, does one of them look

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Red Sox center fielder Johnny Damon showed up to camp 15
pounds heavier and a lot hairier.

"It's mostly Jesus Christ," Damon said Wednesday about the physical
comparisons he has heard. "And then I got a Charles Manson a couple minutes
ago. I get some Grizzly Adams. It's funny how many people still recognize me
with this. Going around Orlando, people know who you are and they know who you
are because you're a Red Sox player."

Damon, 30, bulked up this winter. He said the weight he added was "solid
muscle" and that it won't slow him down.

"It's not going to bother me at all," Damon said. "In my off-season
workout, I live on a street where there's 25 mph signs and the cops get you
if you go anything over. I'll wait on the side of the street ... late at night.
A car starts coming, I'll race it to my house. So I know I can go at least 25.
I scare the cars to speed up a little more, seeing a caveman-looking guy, long-haired,
running after the car at 10 or 11 at night."

It's a wonder the cops didn't pull him over.

Someone mentioned that he put on weight and Jason Giambi lost it. "But
you know, I'm gaining weight the right way," Damon said. "I'm drinking

photo by Reuters

Manny also showed up yesterday, and Damon relayed this story about him:

Manny Ramirez was standing in a hotel lobby in Texas last season when he was
approached by a teammate.

"I had my cowboy hat on," Johnny Damon said. "I walked up to
Manny and was talking to him. He didn't know it was me."

Damon said Ramirez walked away in the middle of the conversation. Damon learned
the next day that he was a total stranger to Ramirez.

"I was like, `Manny, we're talking and then you just blow me off. I was
the one wearing the cowboy hat!' He's like, `No, no, no, Poppy. That wasn't

Damon said Ramirez recognized him Wednesday underneath a lot of hair.

"But the cowboy hat, no," Damon said. HEUSCHKEL

So now that everybody is there, we can finally get down to the business of
baseball! I believe it rained all day yesterday; last time I checked SoSH around
11:30 last night, there was no Mike F. report, and I can’t view SoSH at work.
So no report until later…


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