So everybody is there…

…and even the silent ones are talking.

Nomar and Pedro were very verbose yesterday…Nomar especially addressing the
issue of how he felt about what transpired over the winter:

"The seat still fits," Garciaparra said as he plopped down at a picnic
table in front of 15 television cameras and dozens of reporters. "Can you
believe after these three months, I'm still here in Fort Myers? That's pretty
good. I'm glad. I was like, `Man, I wonder if the seats are still warm.' They're
still warm, which is nice."

Garciaparra was uncharacteristically much warmer to the media than to team
management, which was ready to trade him this winter.

"Am I still mad?" Garciaparra said. "Well, I don't know about
all those things. I was definitely hurt by a lot of it. I probably felt like
anyone else would feel after spending their whole career in one organization
and doing what you do and having to find out you've been traded - or you're
pretty much gone - over the television. I probably felt like most everyone else
who was put in that situation. That's how I found out and that's how it is.
But the good thing, the great thing, is I'm right here in front of all of you
guys. It's a familiar chair right here and it's still warm."

He says a bit more in the article. Am I the only one that is hoping against
hope that the media stops focusing on who is leaving after 2004 and starts focusing
on how the Sox might do in 2004?

Pedro was also asked about a contract:

Unlike last spring, there were no demands or deadlines. Martinez, in the final
year of his contract, said the team must decide whether it wants him in Boston
beyond 2004.

"It's not up to me to get a new contract," Martinez said. "I'm
just going to go and compete like I have to, like a professional. ... And if
they don't want to sign me, that's fine. I'm pretty sure I'll probably get a
job with somebody else. But if they do I'll be more than happy to stay here."

Martinez said the sides haven't had any new discussions.

"There's no talk. None," Martinez said. "I'm not expecting it
and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm just expecting to work this year and
actually let them make the move. The ball's in their court.

And there was a nice bit in the paper yesterday about Pokey
, who is thrilled to be here.

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