Manny Reactions

The best analysis I’ve seen so far comes from the oft-maligned (by Sox fans, it seems) Peter Gammons.

Now Ramirez wants to leave the Red Sox and play for the Yankees. He was offered a chance to opt out of his current contract, but we’re told the union wouldn’t allow him to do that

Moorad told any newspaperman or talk show host who’ll listen how Manny is happy in Boston, he just prefers playing for the Yankees. Unbleepingbelievable. Oh, great. And Manny is going to be upset when he gets booed the first time he doesn’t run at full speed on a ground ball to short?

And they will continue to “do anything” to get him to the Yankees, short of redoing the contract, which, translated, means they’d rather stick it to Boston for an idiotic John Harrington/Dan Duquette lapse of responsibility than have Manny happy, because it’s only about taking the money.

What the Red Sox pulled has been widely applauded across baseball. “First of all,” says an American League general manager, “it sends a message to Manny to shut up and stop talking about a trade because no one wants him at that price. For anyone associated with Manny to say ‘the Red Sox should eat some of the money’ is a joke. He wants out, the agent wants out, they should eat the money. But, beyond that, isn’t this a reminder that the player and the agent bear some responsibility for accepting $160 million? The evidence right now is that they bear absolutely no responsibility.”

Royals GM Allard Baird has long said that three ingredients should be necessary for a big long-term contract: “Durability, ability and character.” Too many teams ignore durability and character.

The Globe’s Michael Holly says Manny acted on bad advice:

It’s hard to say which move qualifies as the worst of Ramirez’s professional life. It could have been his hiring of Jeff Moorad, an agent who obviously isn’t concerned with what’s best for his client. Or it could have been the advice Ramirez took from Moorad in December 2000.

Moorad had two offers for his rich and soon-to-be-richer free agent. One was from Cleveland for $135 million. The other was from Boston for $160 million. Anyone who has spent 30 minutes with Ramirez understands that it shouldn’t have been a debate. He should have stayed in Cleveland and turned his back on Dan Duquette, who still may be somewhere bidding against himself.

That article is a good read.

Personally, I’m happy that Manny remains on the team…for now. I also wouldn’t be upset if the Sox made a deal for long as they don’t eat ONE RED CENT of the contract.