Absolutely HUGE day for RSN

Pedro, Schilling, and Lowe. That’s a HELLUVA 1-2-3. And a player who exposes himself as a very regular guy. It was mentioned that while he was in SoSH chat, he said something along the lines of “Other than the fact that I can strike you out often, and am in a different tax bracket, I’m not that much different than you”.

Schilling spent some time chatting with Red Sox fans on websites early Friday morning and it might have played a role in his decision.

“I don’t know what role it played,” said Schilling, 37. “It left a huge impression on me. I was overwhelmed at their passion, at their incredible desire for this to work out.”

He posted a lengthy message on the fan forum at the Red Sox’s website at 2:41 a.m. Friday. He debunked rumors that he demanded a guaranteed three-year extension at $15 million a year. Schilling also said he never indicated the Red Sox would have to pay him more than the Yankees.

“I was just blown over by the passion that these people had for this team,” he said. “It was funny. It was very cool. It was like logging onto a different country’s website.”

“I want to give Curt a lot of credit,” general manager Theo Epstein said. “Curt wasn’t out for every last dollar, far from it. He wanted to structure a deal that would allow the club to remain competitive for a World Series every year of his contract. That’s a rare request from a player.”

So does this make Foulke more or less inclined to come here? Hopefully more…

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