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UPDATE: Mr. Schilling is apparantly now a member over at SoSH. To me, this cements that it is him, as SoSH is membership by invitation, and I don’t think that the owner of the site would allow such a hoodwink to go on. Therefore, whatever proof he has that it IS Schilling would be solid, IMO.

Anyway, he’s in SoSH chat right now, but since nobody can get in, he had this to share:

understood, and if there is some way to change my username I will at some point. Not gonna add much to what I said last night in chat, and I am not sure how private this part of the forum is so…..
I don’t know what’s happening atm other than I am waiting on a response from the Red Sox side of things. I am expecting to hear soon that they have requested a 24 hour extension from 3pm today on the negotiations though, so we’ll see what happens at that point. I see that as a good sign, I think, and as I stated last night, please don’t believe what ya read, about 90% of what I have read is crap, the other 10 vaugely resembling truth. There is no deal is place, alot of things have been discussed, alot of things are agreeable to both sides, but nothing is firm and neither side has committed to anything concrete as of yet even though we have spent a ton of time talking over the past few days

On Redsox.com last night??

From this thread:

From: Curt38 2:41 am
To: ALL (1 of 37)

First off to any and all members of the media I would ask that if you are here, that this information remain here. I am posting this for the fans of this site. I know there are no hard fast rules to this kind of thing but it would be greatly appreciated if this post and its content remained on this site alone. I had hoped to post to the SoSH site since its private, but that was not possible.
I know it’ll be a stretch to believe this, but I am posting here for a few reasons. The main one is to squelch any and all of the stupid rumours that have surfaced since this whole ordeal began, and the second is to let you know where things stand.
1) I have not and will not demand a guaranteed three year extension.
2) I am not, have not, and will not be asking for a guaranteed contract of 15 million dollars per season
3) The reported quote in which I stated I did not want to play in Boston was not a misquote, but I do think it was very easy to take out of context given the question asked at the time. The question was posed to me after a certain member of the national media and respected baseball person stated I have said that my preference WAS to play for the Red Sox. I was a bit miffed at this report since it was completely false and there was at no time anything that could be attributed to me saying anything of the sort. So I was asked about the Red Sox, and remember this was prior to Terry Francona’s being named the front runner for the Red Sox job, and I replied that Boston was not an option. The Red Sox were not an option for pretty much that very reason, there was no manager in place, and that to me was a significant issue. That situation obviously changed over the past few weeks and with that so did my opinion of possibly coming to Boston. Whether I get the chance to finish my career in Boston or not, if Terry does end up with the job I sincerely believe you will all (well not all since there is NO WAY to please this entire group:) be glad Mr Epstein made the decision he did. Terry is a man of strong values and integrity, and I can’t imagine any player having issues with him on the field or off.
4) I am not going to offer any specifics on the ongoing discussions other than to tell you they are ongoing. Mr Epstein has been impressive at every turn of these talks. He obviously came very prepared and his preperation has been apparent every time we’ve met.
5) I never, and let me emphasize that word, never, said I would take less to play for the Yankees than I would to play for the Red Sox, nor did I ever say it would cost the Red Sox more to sign me than the Yankees. I am not in this to start, or be a part of, a bidding war. As of right now, within this window of opportunity, I am doing what I can do to determine if the Boston Red Sox organization and I can come to an agreement in which I would be allowed to finish my career as a Red Sox.
6) And yes, the one rumour that is true is that Mr Epstein and his assistant did have Thanksgiving dinner at our home. Shonda and I were a bit concerned, and impressed, that they would spend Thanksgiving away from their families, so we invited them on Wednesday night to have dinner with us on Thanksgiving, I am pretty sure they enjoyed the food.
This will play itself out however it is supposed to. I honestly cannot tell you one way or the other if there will be an agreement at this point, alot of issues have been resolved, but some are still out there to potentially be resolved. I don’t believe either side has laid a ‘deal breaker’ on the table, but having said that there are still some issues in front of us that could preclude a deal getting completed. If this does not happen I can assure you that it will not be for lack of effort from either party.
I can honestly say that the posts here have been pretty cool to read, like every other player in the big leagues it’s certainly nice to be wanted to this extent.
I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving
God Bless
Curt Schilling

and after a few “Was that really him?” responses, this:

From: Curt38 3:37 am
To: emasterv (17 of 37)

Not sure how to make you believe it’s me. I have two dogs, Patton is my Rottweiler, and Shonda and the kids (Gehrig 8, Gabriella 6, Grant 4, Garrison 18 months) bought me a puppy for my birthday, kids named him Rufus, not sure why, but it stuck.
And btw, it’s Shonda :)
Not Shanda, Shondra, Shandra

Edited 11/28/2003 3:38:40 AM ET by Curt38

Seems authentic enough…I’ve read reports that Schilling is a serious computer nerd, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Anyway, today is deadline day.

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