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Schilling, who pitched for the Phillies from 1992 to 2000, has one -?year left on his current contract, which calls for the Diamondbacks to-? pay him $12 million for 2004. Because the Diamondbacks are in the pro-?cess of pairing down their payroll, Schilling’s big contract and -?his not-so secret wish to be traded to the Phillies fueled speculation-? that the former ace would return to his former hometown team. Further-? adding to this was the comment to the Philadelphia Inquirer that he w-?ould not waive his no-trade clause to pitch in cozy Fenway Park for th-?e Red Sox. That boast left only the Phillies and the Yankees as the tw-?o top bidders for Schilling’s services. To top it off, an erroneo-?us and misguided report on a Philadelphia sports radio station that th-?e Phillies and Diamondbacks had agreed on a deal that would have sent -?highly-touted Cole Hamels and second baseman Chase Utley to Arizona, f-?anned the flames.

Assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. reported last week that s-?uch a trade was never in the works and that the Phillies and Diamondba-?cks were not working on a deal. On Monday, Schilling G?? who serves a-?s his own agent G?? confirmed this.

“The Phillies were not involved at all,” Schilling said. “I have-?n’t talked to the Phillies, but I think both sides thought neithe-?r side was being sincere. Take that for what it’s worth, I guess.-?” Nevertheless, Monday’s revelation pretty much means that Sch-?illing will never again pitch in a Phillies uniiform. “Considering th-?e fact that the only two teams that can talk about me over the next fo-?ur days are the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox, I’d -?say (the Phillies chances) are pretty slim,” Schilling said.

“The Francona situation, obviously, changed the entire outlook I h-?ad on the Red Sox,” Schilling said. “He’s a huge attraction for-? me. He’s somebody I know and would love to play for. He’s s-?omeone I know can bring a lot of positive things to a talented club, w-?hich is something he never really had in Philly. It’s just someth-?ing that happened so stinkin’ fast on every side.”

“When I sit down G?? and I was talking to Shonda about this last nig-?ht G?? and assess the big picture, of all the teams that the Diamondback-?s had the permission to speak to about me, and you look at the attract-?ions in Philadelphia, it’s the possibility of playing for a team -?that could bring a World Series to a town that is dying for one and ha-?s only had one in the last century,” he said. “When you look at the -?Yankees, it’s adding to a tradition that incredibly storied and f-?ull of World Championships. When you look at the Red Sox, it’s th-?e challenge of possibly being a guy who helps them win their first Wor-?ld Series in a century. They are all pretty cool attractions to me. Wh-?at’s the biggest challenge is what I guess I’m looking at.”

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UPDATE2: Too funny not to share. From Quintana Daydream on SoSH in the above linked thread:

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for Francona’s interview:

TF: I’ve learned a ton about using research and statistics in my time at Oakland

Theo: Nice. That’s a plus

TF: And I’ve always had a nice touch in the clubhouse

Theo: That’s important

TF: And remember, I was very young in my first stint. I was still learning

Theo: I understand being young better than anyone!

TF: Did I mention I can get you Schilling?

Theo: What number would you like to wear?
UPDATE3: from Red Averages in the above SoSH thread:

I watched the Celtics tonight and they sh-?owed Theo Epstein and Keith Foulke sitting in the crowd. Given Theo&#-?39;s calmness at Red Sox games I didn’t expect to see him showing-? any emotion. However, Theo and Keith looked to be having a great time-?. Both were laughing. Theo was pointing at something in the crowd…. -?he also appears to be growing a goatee. They both looked like they wer-?e having a lot of fun. It definitely didn’t look like a normal GM-?/player relationship. To me it looks like they may have struck a deal -?just judging by their attitude.

Just thought you would like to know. That thread is getting long.

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