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Yankee Fans.

From, Grady Little.

I’m not big on critisising the manager USUALLY. But I just returned from a six mile walk. After three miles, my wife called and asked where the hell I was. So I turned around and came home.

I’m not big on the second guessing of the manager. But there is NO DOUBT that Grady Little cost the Red Sox a World Series berth tonight. I will not argue about that. The better AL team DID NOT WIN tonight. And they know it.

EDIT: Gee, does it look like I had a couple when I wrote this? I’m not changing the spelling or redundancy, though.

I said…


It is SO on. Could you ask for anything better? Pedro/Clemens for a chance to go to the World Series?

For those in the media and elsewhere who wanted Pedro to go today, or wanted drastic or not so drastic changes in the lineup to get the bats going….how do you like your crow?? (I’m in the latter category, FWIW. I wasn’t looking for radical, but I wanted some people moved around)

I am ultra-confident about Game 7. I was after Game 5, and I remain so after Game 6.

All knotted up

If anybody told you that the Sox first two wins in the ALCS would come off of Mussina, would you have believed them? Even with the big bats still quiet, the Sox use quality pitching and some timely hitting to take game 4. Have to like Lowe vs. Wells today.

I’d like to share with you an EXTREMELY irresponsible piece of journalism emailed to me this morning. This comes from the New York Times, and if you aren’t registered on their site, I recommend you do so to read this article. I’ll give you the relevant quotes, then you can go decide for yourself.
Decisive Game 7 Could Be Gruesome

Published: October 14, 2003


ROOT for this Yankees-Red Sox showdown to end no later than Game 6 tomorrow. Root fervently, if only to eliminate the possibility of an ugly scene.

Should a decisive Game 7 occur Thursday night at Yankee Stadium, all the commotion last Saturday at Fenway Park might resemble a tea-and-crumpets party compared with what could develop with Pedro Mart+?nez on the mound for the Red Sox and a World Series opportunity up for grabs.

Over the years, Yankees fans at Yankee Stadium have never been known to be hospitable to visiting villains. Forget the usual heated boos. Those boos are polite compared with the little batteries that some outfielders in gray uniforms have had fired at them from the grandstand and the bleachers.

But if there is a Game 7 with Mart+?nez on the mound, Bloomberg should be more concerned with the behavior of those Yankees fans who might be more concerned with the visiting villain.

Names or even nicknames will never hurt Mart+?nez, but in the absence of sticks and stones, a battery might. When he’s on the mound or when he warms up in the bullpen, he would be within range of any Yankees loyalist with a good arm. But if there’s no Game 7, Pedro the Perpetrator will be safe. Until next season.


EDIT: You don’t need to register; this article is in today’s Globe

So I guess we just have to hope that Pedro will not be pitching until Saturday.

Fined for what?!?

MLB is getting a black eye for this entire postseason. From the horrible umpiring, to the foolish scheduling of game times, and now most recently with the announcement of the fines for Saturday. Someone should probably explain why Pedro is getting clipped for $50k for an inside, letter high pitch and later for pointing at his head, while Zim gets $5k for charging Pedro and attempting a left hook? Manny gets fined 2.5 times as much as Garcia? Huh?

It looks completely foolish to ding the two sox players for way more than the yankee participants. It’s bad enough with the Fox bias to all things NY, but now MLB is up to it’s old tricks and doing likewise?!? I don’t get it.

Well, THAT was interesting.

What a melee.

First of all, after seeing the replays when I got home, Zimmer got exactly what he deserved. Garcia is a punk for the Ty Cobb-like slide and hopping into the pen to beat on Lawnmower Man, whose main offense was waving his silly Cowboy Up towel during the Millar rally video. And I actually give Clemens a small bit of credit…he responded subtly in the only way he could without being tossed…and Manny overreacted.

Second of all, for reasons I haven’t put together yet, I honestly don’t feel the “Oh, crap this series is over” feeling. I’m not worried until the Sox have lost 3. Although some fellas need to have some better approaches at the plate…

I guess what helped put it in perspective for me was listening to WEEI as I drove home…and this one moron was literally SCREAMING and CRYING on the phone. Quite sad, if you ask me.

Today is my 4th consecutive game. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain too much.

UPDATE: Home video of Zimmer’s charge here

I’ll take a repeat, please

Of 1999. I’d love to take part in some ‘Where is Roger?’ chants. I doubt Clemens gets blown out like that again.

For the record, no matter what the situation, I have no plans to cheer Clemens this time as I did a month ago. Unless it is in a mocking manner.

However, having been at the game Thursday night, I WILL be starting a chant should Pedro pitch a gem.

“YOU GOT PEDRO” clap, clap, clapclapclap

Hey Chunker

I got home at 3 AM, I had my hat knocked off of my head by some punk, the Sox lost, I’m exhausted, and very appreciative of the off day.

Did I leave anything out?

Looking VERY MUCH forward to tomorrow’s game. Even if I am in the bleachers.

Behind Enemy Lines

The bleachers were angry that day, my friends….

Right after I was searched at Yankee Stadium, I was surrounded by about 6 drunken 20 year old hooligans shouting ‘Boston SUCKS!’ and the old standby ‘1918’. I grinned and bore it, and let them have their fun.

Even though I was with a Yankee fan, and even though there were a good number of Sox fans in the bleachers (some kind of cowardly and covert, I would find out later), I arrived at my seat to a cascade of boos. But the way I see it, if you aren’t a jerk, and just cheer for your team and get into a little friendly back-and-forth once you are more comfortable with eachother, you’re going to be fine. Even if you ARE wearing a Sox hat and shirt. After Ortiz’ homer, I discovered that there were twice as many Sox fans sitting around me than I thought, as those with no MLB gear turned out to be rooting for them.

What a game. When I set out on my trip, I said to myself that I would be happy to be going home having witnessed one Sox win. Which makes tonight gravy, right? Obviously I’d like to see another win, but at least I know my train ride home tonight won’t be miserable.

The weather was a HUGE factor last night. Even as the game ended, it was still warm and muggy. Had it been a typical early October night, I don’t think Wakes would have fared as well. And once again, the much maligned bullpen comes up pretty big.

So, off to enjoy the City before I pick up a friend at Grand Central. If you are in town for the game, or just in town, I’ll be hanging out at the Back Page, which I discovered yesterday is Red Sox friendly. It’s located on 3rd Ave., between 83rd and 84th street. I’ll be the guy with a Sox jersey and Mo Vaugn’s number on the back. Stop by and say hello!