Hot Stove fired up early..


Manny clears waivers. Neat beginning, though. From Sox owner John W. Henry posted over at Sons of Sam Horn:

We know sometimes it’s very difficult having faith in management, especially when information is limited, so we take no offense….Hang in there, the offseason has barely begun.

Can you imagine another baseball owner posting in, let alone READING, an internet message board devoted to his team?

According to a couple different sources this morning, Manny’s agent ASKED the Sox to put the slugger on waivers. So throw out the “If nobody claims him, he’s going to feel unwanted” theory.

This is the first quote I’ve seen from Moorad:

“He’ll be just fine if he’s back in Boston next season,” said Jeff Moorad, Ramirez’s agent. “He always expressed a desire to play for the Yankees, and in a strange twist of fate, the Red Sox certainly gave him an opportunity to make that happen, although it seems unlikely to me it will. You certainly can’t fault the Red Sox for creating a mechanism for that opportunity to come about.” EDES

The Edes article is pretty interesting. Another tidbit:

“There is a $250,000 fine for commenting on waivers,” John W. Henry, the principal owner of the Red Sox, said yesterday. “I cannot say if a player is on waivers or not on waivers. I have no comment on these reports.”

So where is the leak?

We’ll see what goes down by late afternoon, although it is highly unlikely that anybody picks him up.

From this morning’s New York Post:

Taking on the best player in baseball will not be easy, especially because he is still owed $154 million over seven years. That is why the Red Sox want to rid themselves of Ramirez’s $101.5 million over the next five years.

To land A-Rod, according to sources, the Red Sox would send Nomar Garciaparra, who has one year left on his contract, to an unidentified third team as part of a three-way trade, most likely a West Coast club. The Rangers would acquire help in a number of ways, including pitcher Casey Fossum and pitching coming back from the team that lands Garciaparra.

The Red Sox are fed up with both Garciaparra and Ramirez. Even if they can’t dump Ramirez on someone else, they at least can tell him, “See, we tried to get you to the Yankees, but even they didn’t want you, so get your act together.” KERNAN

I put that in the “throw enough you-know-what at the wall and see what sticks” department, but I thought I’d share.

Today’s Hartford Courant has some analysis/projections for this already interesting offseason:

Sox roster stay/maybe/gone info

Sox Hot Stove preview:

Interesting tidbit from that Heusckel article that contradicts the notion that Kim will be non-tendered:

Given that Epstein had his eyes on Kim for a long time, it’s doubtful the Red Sox would give up on him because he made some bad pitches, and one bad gesture. It can be debated whether it was a sore right shoulder, a bruised ego or an allergic reaction to the Yankees that kept Kim off the ALCS roster. A team official described the results of a recent MRI on Kim’s shoulder as clean. His ego healed the day Grady Little was fired. Kim, who wasn’t happy in the bullpen and was in the manager’s doghouse, might be the only player on the team who wasn’t disappointed to see Little go.

There is also similar writeups on the Yankees. One thing taken from there is that the Yanks have 115 million COMMITTED to 2004 as of right now.

As always, trust the Courant for the best Sox/Yanks coverage, in my opinion. If you aren’t registered on the site, I suggest you do so. And no, I don’t have anything to gain from that.

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