Closing the door on 2003

So here I sit, almost 24 hours after the ignominious end to what was a great, great season.

Does it still hurt? Sure it does. I’m sure that at least once a day for the next 4 and a half months, many of us will shake are heads and muttter out loud “Why, Grady?” or “5 outs away”…and we’ll probably have the same thought a few times a year for the rest of our lives.

But life goes on. Starting next week, we’ll all be more productive at work. Our families will have us back. Projects around the house will get the attention they deserve. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west.

But it sure was a helluva season, wasn’t it? I can’t think of another season that had as many euphoric highs (and unfortunately, devastating lows). It wasn’t everything we had hoped…but it was a great ride.

This site has been a lot of fun for me. What started as a possible haven for a group of people tired of what’s Sox chat had become turned into a nice little community. Actually, it has become a couple of factions…those that come into the chat during the day and at gametime (there are several people not in New England who basically used the chat to follow the game. Across the country and around the world), and those who have found there way here and stop by to read the front page. Which frankly amazes me. The fact that some people come here for no other reason than to see what I have to say about the Sox is interesting. On the other hand, I guess I do the same…bouncing around the web to find out what some of the real fans think.

So I want to thank you, dear visitor, for stopping by as much as you do. And especially to all of you who dropped me a consoling email yesterday and/or made those nice comments on yesterday’s post. I think things like that and the discussion in online communities such as this and Sons of Sam Horn help us deal with a loss like last night a little better.

Updates will obviously be less frequent from here on out…and may even delve into non baseball matters. Until then, I leave you with the obligatory…

Wait until next year.

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