All knotted up

If anybody told you that the Sox first two wins in the ALCS would come off of Mussina, would you have believed them? Even with the big bats still quiet, the Sox use quality pitching and some timely hitting to take game 4. Have to like Lowe vs. Wells today.

I’d like to share with you an EXTREMELY irresponsible piece of journalism emailed to me this morning. This comes from the New York Times, and if you aren’t registered on their site, I recommend you do so to read this article. I’ll give you the relevant quotes, then you can go decide for yourself.
Decisive Game 7 Could Be Gruesome

Published: October 14, 2003


ROOT for this Yankees-Red Sox showdown to end no later than Game 6 tomorrow. Root fervently, if only to eliminate the possibility of an ugly scene.

Should a decisive Game 7 occur Thursday night at Yankee Stadium, all the commotion last Saturday at Fenway Park might resemble a tea-and-crumpets party compared with what could develop with Pedro Mart+?nez on the mound for the Red Sox and a World Series opportunity up for grabs.

Over the years, Yankees fans at Yankee Stadium have never been known to be hospitable to visiting villains. Forget the usual heated boos. Those boos are polite compared with the little batteries that some outfielders in gray uniforms have had fired at them from the grandstand and the bleachers.

But if there is a Game 7 with Mart+?nez on the mound, Bloomberg should be more concerned with the behavior of those Yankees fans who might be more concerned with the visiting villain.

Names or even nicknames will never hurt Mart+?nez, but in the absence of sticks and stones, a battery might. When he’s on the mound or when he warms up in the bullpen, he would be within range of any Yankees loyalist with a good arm. But if there’s no Game 7, Pedro the Perpetrator will be safe. Until next season.


EDIT: You don’t need to register; this article is in today’s Globe

So I guess we just have to hope that Pedro will not be pitching until Saturday.

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