Behind Enemy Lines

The bleachers were angry that day, my friends….

Right after I was searched at Yankee Stadium, I was surrounded by about 6 drunken 20 year old hooligans shouting ‘Boston SUCKS!’ and the old standby ‘1918’. I grinned and bore it, and let them have their fun.

Even though I was with a Yankee fan, and even though there were a good number of Sox fans in the bleachers (some kind of cowardly and covert, I would find out later), I arrived at my seat to a cascade of boos. But the way I see it, if you aren’t a jerk, and just cheer for your team and get into a little friendly back-and-forth once you are more comfortable with eachother, you’re going to be fine. Even if you ARE wearing a Sox hat and shirt. After Ortiz’ homer, I discovered that there were twice as many Sox fans sitting around me than I thought, as those with no MLB gear turned out to be rooting for them.

What a game. When I set out on my trip, I said to myself that I would be happy to be going home having witnessed one Sox win. Which makes tonight gravy, right? Obviously I’d like to see another win, but at least I know my train ride home tonight won’t be miserable.

The weather was a HUGE factor last night. Even as the game ended, it was still warm and muggy. Had it been a typical early October night, I don’t think Wakes would have fared as well. And once again, the much maligned bullpen comes up pretty big.

So, off to enjoy the City before I pick up a friend at Grand Central. If you are in town for the game, or just in town, I’ll be hanging out at the Back Page, which I discovered yesterday is Red Sox friendly. It’s located on 3rd Ave., between 83rd and 84th street. I’ll be the guy with a Sox jersey and Mo Vaugn’s number on the back. Stop by and say hello!

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