Why Baseball is like nothing else

It dawned on me during Game 5, as I recounted what I was going through at the time, as well as the experience I had on Sunday.

As a fan, there is no sport better than baseball.

I sat there in my friend’s refinished basement, the two of us on either end of a couch, going through tense moment after tense moment. Sox are down by one run…chest tightens. Tek homers to tie it…can breathe a little better. Manny homers in a big spot…jubilation.

Along comes the last 6 outs. With every windup; with every pitch…you stop breathing. There is a mini-release of tension when the opposing player gets a strike…makes an out…only to have it build up again when the next batter comes to the plate. And so it goes, over and over again until no outs remain and your team has completed one HELLUVA comeback.

What other sport elicits anything CLOSE to this?

I can’t wait to have these feelings again Wednesday night, under the lights of Yankee Stadium. Not sure if I’ll be able to get to a computer until Friday, so enjoy. Look to Sunday’s post if you want to get a hold of me, that sends a message to my phone.

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