All Quiet on the Western Front

At least with the Sox bats, that is. One bad inning by Wakes, and unlike so many other times in 2003, the Sox are not able to get back in it. Yesterday is completely on the shoulders of the offense. Sure, Manny’s misplay probably allowed an extra run to score. Absolutely, Walker’s ill-advised throw gave the A’s 2 runs. But the A’s didn’t need all 5 of those runs. They only needed 2.

On a somewhat related note, in the middle of the dreadful 2nd inning, the doom-and-gloom tendancies of Sox Nation reared its ugly head in the game chat. So much so that I just left and watched the game in peace.

That kind of attitude makes me sick to my stomach. Down 5 runs with 7 more at-bats, and people are planning tee times and off-season roster moves. Yes, I realize some of it is getting caught up in the emotion of the game…but why start whining and complaining with so much game left? Why not watch the game and hope that the Sox offense can break out and do what they have the potential to do?

Anyway, let’s hope that those who are at the park tomorrow are more supportive than that. Not to mention the fact that I’m hoping these tickets I have for Sunday’s game are worth more than the paper they are printed on.

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