Hold the Line

Well, in order to keep pace with the A’s (a rout of Toronto today) and to a lesser extent, the Yankees…Sox need to win in prime time tonight.

An interesting tidbit…the only mention of Pedro in the Boston area articles (Globe, Herald, and even ProJo) is that he is a little weak, and may or may not pitch on Tuesday.

The Courant has this:

Pedro Martinez looked peaked and sounded incensed. He’s furious that some doubted he was really sick.

“You think I’m [expletive] lying?” said Martinez, who walked past a group of reporters in the Red Sox clubhouse earlier and refused to acknowledge them.

Martinez wasn’t in any mood to talk about his light workout. Yet the few words that came out of his mouth were tinged with anger.

He is irritated by accusations that he should have made his last start despite spending about six hours in the hospital that day. He was diagnosed with severe pharyngitis, inflammation of the throat. He also had abdominal pain and a fever.

“I’m only [expletive] human,” Martinez said. “Can’t I get sick? I’m not [expletive] fine. Can you see I’m not [expletive] fine? I would have been in that [expletive] game if I was fine.”

Can’t say I blame him too much. Although what media outlets really killed him for missing the start? I know he was getting killed on some fan sites and message boards; the only thing I can think of is maybe talk radio was a little harsh; but I don’t have access to that…

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